Daily what’s up – “I’m sick! Call the Doctor Very Quick!”

What’s up, beautiful people!

I’m not feeling well today!
I woke up this morning and I felt awful. I feel my temperature is rising. I lost my appetite. I feel so weak, well maybe because of the workout yesterday. I’m not sure. I have colds, runny nose, and the worst part is the stiff neck. Hawt!

Workout last night was really exhausting. I just dunno why. Though, my trainer didn’t pull it off too hard instead, we just did the cycling, weight lifting, and some stretching. But I felt I was about to pass out while hitting the weights last night. I was running out of energy until I found out that I didn’t eat my protein snack (handful of almonds and walnuts) before working out. And now I am feeling unwell…

I don’t know if I’m gonna hit the gym later but one thing I know is I don’t want to miss the fun in the gym and the kick boxing training. So please, colds and stiff neck, spare me the day! 🙂


Daily what’s up – I’m feeling happy

Howdy! You can actually tell that I’m happy with the fact that I’ve lost weight.

Guess what? I just lost 10 lbs in 6 days! Would you believe it? No words can suffice how I am feeling  just now! It reminds me of the movie “Finding Nemo” When, Marlin and Dory chasing each other and Marlin was saying “I’m feeling happy”! It was a big deal for him… =]

Keep it coming!

As days go by, the workout routine seems to be getting harder and harder for me. My trainer, is really pushing me too hard. Like yesterday, I had 1.5 hour of cardio exercise,  30 minutes of weight-lifting, and 2 hours of kick-boxing training with SOUL OF FITNESS FIGHTERS. They were great! I had so much fun and I guess, I have the potential to be a super heavyweight kick boxer! Lmao! Kidding aside, they also let me feel that I am one of them, like a family. I didn’t feel that I am left behind given my weight but they gave me more attention, instead.

One more thing is my muscle pain. It is already gone! It’s back to normal. It was unbelievable. This means that DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) is really true! And, now I am slowly missing it. =D

Going to the gym daily isn’t really a nightmare. If you have a brilliant trainer and a supportive crowd, working-out is all you’ll ever need.

K thanks bye 🙂



Daily what’s up – Dear Pain, Please GO AWAY!

Last night, my workout was INTENSE! I thought hitting the weights is a bit more easy and relaxing than doing cardio exercise, but I was wrong. It is harder than I thought plus my trainer was frigging serious and I just found out that I am 3 years older than him.. What a bully trainer! Hawt!

Today,  I noticed something weird, my muscle pain is getting worst! I didn’t even have enough sleep last night because of this pain, especially when I woke up this morning, it’s like the soreness is PEAKING up to the highest level! When taking a bath, I can’t even reached the shampoo and put it in my hair. I really hate this feeling. But I have learned that DOMS is always worse for us the 2nd day. What is DOMS? According to my fitness advisor, DOMS is a familiar experience for the gym goer at every level and can be described as muscles soreness that occurs 24 – 48 hours following intense exercise. The sensation can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness differs from the acute muscle soreness that can be felt during or immediately following a heavy exercise about. This is usually attributed to an increase in hydrogen ions associated with lactic acid accumulation that builds up fluid in the tissues often referred to by bodybuilders as being pumped-up.

Let me break down my realizations:

Work out for at least a good hour! Don’t stop for breaks! Make sure you are sweating but make sure you aren’t working yourself too hard as well. Believe within 3 months you will be able to tell a difference.

1 hour of good work out is a good work out.

Most importantly….STRETCH OUT! Stretch out every muscle in your body. It will make your work outs more bearable! And you will feel so much better with a better range of motion with your arms and legs!

K thanks bye for now 🙂


Daily what’s up – Massive muscle pain as it is.

I may have pulled, strained, or ripped my muscles off slightly in both of my arms, but I’m not sure. My trainer, SANN (from Soul of Fitness), focused the training on my arms (biceps and triceps) last night. Right now, every time I stretch them, there’s a massive stinging sensation. It’s not like the regular soreness which I usually feel when I exercise. Now, if I pull my arms across my chest, I feel a severe sting in my muscle. hawts!

For me, it’s a good start because my trainer told me once you are having a muscle pain after work out, it means that you are burning fats. But all in all, it feels so good cos I did sweat a lot last night and after that I had 6 inches Subway Egg mayo for my dinner.. GUILT-FREE..

If you’re gonna ask me about the hardest thing I’ve overcome so far in the challenge, it is to accept the fact that I am not healthy anymore and I need to lose weight “big time”. I need to cut down all unhealthy foods which I want to eat.

I am looking forward to lose 30-40 pounds in three? ? ? like months! haha.

One thing is 80% of my wardrobe are getting tighter!! Maybe because I am getting bigger and sometimes when I eat too much, I am experiencing back pain which I really dunno where is the pain coming from. (Hawts again!)

My motivation level today, about losing weight is by having good sponsors, support groups, friends, family, and specially my good trainer (will post our picture soon) though He’s too hardcore and absolutely giving me pain in my ass when working out. Motivation is now 101%. I really wanna do this. Keeping my head up, I can say that I feel good and lighter specially after the workout..

Talking about my emotion, I don’t see any changes right now but I think, in the long run I will see the difference cos maybe I am still not in the level of” giving up” or ”breaking down” because of the food I eat and the work out I do. Though, one thing that frustrates me so far is being picky to which food to eat. Healthy or Unhealthy? What?

What I love the most about my recent challenge would be eating subway but then again, my personal trainer told me that, there are only few sandwiches in subway that I can get (Roast turkey and Roast Chicken – NO DRESSING and green chilli because it’s high in sodium) and the thing Subway is touting about those subs is that they are low FAT which is the biggest problem in most people’s diets. You won’t burn more than you eat unless you exercise… I think??? But It is still gooooood!

K thanks bye for now 🙂


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